BALLINA Frequency Broadcast Update

If you track/fly through the Ballina area, the latest AIP SUPPLEMENT is a must-read.

It has been attached for easy access.


Click this link for the AIP: 2021 08 11 f4ca5c635f0831271681edbff65595a4_AIP_SUP_for_Ballina

QRAA Receives Grant from Southern Downs Regional Council

QRAA received a grant from the Southern Downs Regional Council to purchase equipment to allow members to attend future meetings via ZOOM.

Full story in the attachment.

January 2021 QRAA receives Council Grant

ADSB IN & OUT for Recreational Aircraft

Thank you, John Reid, for researching and producing the following.

CASA recently released Advisory Circular 91-23

The short version of this publication is that recreational aircraft can now be fitted with NON-TSO’d ADSB IN & OUT equipment.

These units are reasonably priced (IMO), approved by CASA, they are both “in” and “out” but require an Ipad or similar to display the traffic and will work with AvPlan or OzRunways.

The basic operation is that you retain your Mode-C transponder and link this UAVIONIX unit to AvPlan or OzRunways on your iPad.


For Late night reading the CASA regulations are long-winded but are available at the following links:


This is FYI only and is not a recommendation or do we have any expertise or knowledge with this equipment.


Airservices have issued an AIP Supplement H140/19.

A summary of this AIP is that from the 5th Dec 2019 it will be mandatory to carry a radio within a 10 nm radius of Ballina.
It will also be mandatory to give position calls within the 10 nm radius of Ballina.
Airservices states that this is because of the increased RPT traffic in this area.
In conjunction with this release, they released the Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Safe Brochure which is also attached.



Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Safe Brochure


2019 11 02 Events Planning 2020

The above link is the record of the Events Planning Meeting held on the 2nd Nov 2019.

We have allocated a date to some of the major events with other suggestings to be finalised later.

Please post any helpful comments via clicking the black box above with a pencil and then completing the “Leave a Reply”.

QRAA Trip to Tassie Feb 2018

A very special thanks to John and Louise for putting together a video of the group’s tour to Tasmania.

I am sure that the images will bring back memories of the trip.

It also give those who would have liked to have gorne an great insight to trip.

To view video, click on this link.

Thanks you John and louise for sharing.



Dear members, unfortunately, on Tuesday 20 Feb 2018 John Doughton succumbed to his illness and we lost a dear friend and valued club member. You would have already received a copy of the letter of condolence sent to Kim Doughton and family from our President, Phil Goyne.

Instead of flowers, as a lasting memento, the club has prepared a photo book of photos taken of John & Kim on trips with QRAA.

QRAA members will be represented at the funeral by Doug & Robyn McCullough who will present the photo book to Kim.

Please find at the following link the photos contained in that Photo Book.

In fond rememberance.

QRAA Committee

QRAA 2017 Southern Tour

Hi Everybody.

Another successful tour was conducted with up to 9 aircraft for certain legs of the trip participating.

Liz Hawthorne has written a blog of the trip from her eyes for your enjoyment.

To Read, please click this link — >> 2017 Southern Tour Blog by Liz Hawthorne

To read, blog from John Reid & Louise Neal, Click this link –>> QRAA Southern Tour 2017 John & Louise

It is well worth the read as it puts you in the picture of being there.

Liz has shared 542 photos online but we are not sure how to share that link here at this time. Please come back later to see if a link has been added.

We hope that you all enjoy.

below is a Google Earth Map of the Tour Route.

2017 QRAA Southern Tour Google Track