ADSB IN & OUT for Recreational Aircraft

Thank you, John Reid, for researching and producing the following.

CASA recently released Advisory Circular 91-23

The short version of this publication is that recreational aircraft can now be fitted with NON-TSO’d ADSB IN & OUT equipment.

These units are reasonably priced (IMO), approved by CASA, they are both “in” and “out” but require an Ipad or similar to display the traffic and will work with AvPlan or OzRunways.

The basic operation is that you retain your Mode-C transponder and link this UAVIONIX unit to AvPlan or OzRunways on your iPad.


For Late night reading the CASA regulations are long-winded but are available at the following links:


This is FYI only and is not a recommendation or do we have any expertise or knowledge with this equipment.